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If you have any questions about setting up an outsourced team for your company, then a free 30-minute software development outsourcing consultation with one of our lead outsourcing consultants is just for you.

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Years of Experience in Consultations

With extensive experience in software development outsourcing consultations, our team brings knowledge to guide you through the process, ensuring you make informed and effective decisions.

Reduce Outsourcing Costs

Our consultation services help you identify cost-effective strategies and partners, enabling you to reduce overall outsourcing expenses while maintaining high-quality standards.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

By leveraging our expertise, you can avoid common pitfalls and costly errors in the outsourcing process, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership with external development teams.

Better Decisions with Choosing Partners

We provide detailed insights and evaluations to help you choose the best outsourcing partners, ensuring they align with your company’s goals and requirements for optimal results.

FAQs on Software Development Outsourcing

What to outsource and what to do in-house?

Outsourcing has become so widely spread so there is hardly anything you cannot outsource. However, it is important to keep at least a small in-house team who could keep your It systems and services alive when the cooperation with the outsourcing partner ends. A software development outsourcing consultation can help you determine the best balance between in-house and outsourced work.

Should I choose outsourcing or near-shoring?

Offshoring is usually less expensive but requires much more management and the coding quality is lower on average. Nearshoring is more productive and has less communication problems. For simpler tasks, offshoring is ok but if you are inventing something business critical then nearshoring is the way to go.

Where to outsource from (what region)?

Choose a location that is in close timezone, has good universities, has enough workforce for your ambitions and has a legislation system that enables you to run a hassle free cooperation.

How to choose an outsourcing partner?

1. Define the scope of work

2. Consider the expertise level an important criterion in the hiring process

3. Consider the outsourcing partner's market reputation

4. Communicate clearly about budget and financial constraints

5. Protect your data and intellectual property

6. Consider using Agile methodologies in your development process

7. Choose a flexible outsourcing partner

How to avoid expensive mistakes in outsourcing?

Read Netcorp blog, talk to 4-5 people who have done outsourcing in a different way, get a free software development outsourcing consultation from us and you should be prepared to avoid the most expensive mistakes in outsourcing software development.

How to seamlessly integrate outsourcing team into your own product development?

The key is to treat them as the where your own employees. It really does not matter what contract are they holding, people are people and if you treat them as one of your own, the attitude and loyalty will follow.

How to make existing outsourcing cooperation work?

Communication is the key. Set up communication structures which allow you to have close contact with each other and sync often. Physical meetings after a few months are also a great way to improve relations and productivity. A software development outsourcing consultation can help establish these communication frameworks.

Common questions:

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Strategic Software Development Outsourcing Consultation

We aim to answer the main pain points and “how to’s” of outsourcing.

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