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Netcorp was started with one clear goal: to offer quality outsourcing for companies looking to grow. Our team is based in Poland and Estonia, right in the heart of the European Union. This gives our clients an extra layer of legislative security. because they know they’re protected by EU laws.

In the wake of the 2022 conflict, we’ve also welcomed talented Ukrainian developers to our Polish office, further strengthening our diverse team.

We work with clients from all over the world – from Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the USA, to Dubai and the Middle East. We’re proud to say that our clients tend to stick around; on average, they stay with us for 3-4 years.

We’ve always been committed to doing the best work possible. That means writing clean code, keeping to deadlines, staying ahead of problems, and communicating well.
We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses, paying attention to the big picture and the small details.We implement our projects with our internal teams and in cooperation with our strategic partners.At Netcorp, we’re committed to helping you succeed. Your success is our success!

We offer following software development outsourcing services:

Team extension

Most suitable if you need developers who focus 100% on their assignments and need extra development resources for a longer period (6+ months).

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Software projects

You have a business idea that can make you successful but you need expert software engineers to build that solution.

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Outsourcing consultation

Get a free consultation with one of our lead consultants if you have any questions about setting up an outsourced team for your company.

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We offer following software development outsourcing services:

Outsourcing consultation
Tailor-made software development
Long-term team extention

Our team at your service

Over 65% of our team members have over 5 years of experience in their field of expertise.Our people appreciate our culture and values. That’s why we have one of the highest retention rates in the region.


We are developers, architects, testers, analysts, PMs, scrum masters and UI/UX designers. Over 250 top specialists working in Poland and Estonia believe in our values and way of servicing clients. In addition we have a group of verified subcontractors with a total pool of 3000 software engineers.


All our people are proficient in English, and we even have project coordinators in our teams fluent in Norwegian and Finnish. All our team members have been given proper “Scandinavian” communication training so that the projects go smoothly and transparently.


We value individual and collective development, proactive approach to problem-solving, decision-making freedom together with responsibility for actions. We aim to be socially and environmentally responsible and support many local activities connected to climate, education and youth.

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Our management

Paavo Pauklin

CEO and Founder of Netcorp

Trust, sustainability, and curiosity are the principles Paavo likes to run his everyday life.
Paavo likes to be very hands-on with customer success and partnership management processes.

Stein Gunnar Wallewik

Country manager of Norway

Stein has over 25 years of experience in the technology and design area.Stein and his company Dark Horse are Netcorp partners in Norway, helping us with local client communication and project management.

Antti Pietilä

Marketing and client engagement

Antti, a marketing guru from Finland, is ensuring that Netcorp’s collective know-how is well communicated and shared. This way, our clients can better prepare their outsourcing process and save time and money.

Tomek Reda

CIO & Delivery

Tomek is taking care of our most valuable asset – our people. He runs everything on the kitchen side of what we offer. He is responsible for the developers and delivery planning.

Social Responsibility

Education and Sports
Education is our passion and there we like to contribute.

We are periodically advising and mentoring startups, and giving teaching voluntary classes in Estonan Schools and Universities about entrepreneurship, economics, mathematics, software development and cyber security.

Our partner here is the edTech pioneer “Back to School” initiative

Youth to Olympics Foundation

Netcorp is one of the main sponsors of one of Europe’s most innovative Sports support systems
– Youth to Olympics Foundation.

The Youth to Olympics Foundation was made for young Estonian athletes who dream of becoming Olympic athletes.

The support system bridges the gap between the junior competition class and professional sports.

The support system consists of scholarships for a full Olympic cycle, special training focusing on mindset coaching, and building a solid personal brand for a young athlete.

The Foundation is funded by private supporters’ donations only and today offers full scholarships to several Estonian prospective athletes.

Our offices

Lõõtsa 8a
11415 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 6 555 022
Helsinki (Sales Office)
Nousiaistentie 4
00280 Helsinki, Finland
Olivia Business Centre Olivia Star
al. Grunwaldzka 472C,
80-309, Poland

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