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Laravel Development Outsourcing

In the vibrant world of PHP frameworks, one name stands tall and proud - Laravel. This open-source powerhouse is more than just a framework; it's a meticulously designed toolkit built to simplify the art of creating comprehensive web applications. Why should you, as an outsourcing customer, choose a Laravel development outsourcing company? Here's why:

1. Embrace the elegance of MVC Architecture: Laravel employs the clarity-enhancing Model-View-Controller architecture, making it a developer's paradise. With this design, logic and presentation are decoupled, optimizing performance, promoting superior documentation, and enabling a plethora of built-in functionalities.

2. Invest in top-tier security: Laravel prioritizes your security. Its framework is fortified with advanced security measures that ensure sensitive data, like passwords, never exist as plain text in your database.

3. Discover the magic of Artisan: Laravel understands that PHP's repetitive tasks can be a thorn in any developer's side. That's where Artisan, Laravel's built-in command line interface, comes in. Artisan allows developers to smoothly execute these tasks, boosting efficiency and job satisfaction.

4. Explore extensive libraries and modules: Laravel is equipped with a multitude of modern PHP-principle following modules, supporting a modular and flexible web design experience. Moreover, it offers pre-installed libraries, including the highly-regarded Authentication library.

So, that's Laravel in a nutshell – an eloquent, secure, and user-friendly framework designed with you in mind. Why wait? Embrace our Laravel development outsourcing company and become part of the revolution today!

Technical Skills our Laravel Developers have:

  • Node.js
  • NPM/Yarn
  • Redis
  • PHPUnit
  • Docker
  • Postman
  • Telescope
  • Laravel Passport
  • Front End
  • DevOps
  • Fullstack
  • Unit Testing
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Redis
  • Memcached
Get Laravel developers

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Why Choose Netcorp

Partner with us for a winning combination of experience, affordability, and reliability.

12 Years of Experience

Boasting over 12 years of experience offering competent Laravel development outsourcing services, you can trust Netcorp to transform your visions into reality.

Introductory rates

With Netcorp you have access to premium Laravel services at prices significantly lower than the market standard.

Scalable team

We provide a team of specialists that can adapt and scale in line with your outsourcing requirements.

Increased productivity

With us you're free to focus your energy on other vital parts of your business, optimizing your operations and driving growth.

100% transparency

We operate on the principle of total transparency. Choosing to work with us means entrusting us to keep you in the loop at each step of the process.


We use multiple communication means to ensure the seamless flow of the project. Contact us via email, social media, phone, or leave a message in the contact form.

What our clients say about us

Netcorp is an experienced trustworthy partner for IT solutions and software development.

“Clients and internal stakeholders at Rocketfarm have specifically highlighted your flexibility, quality of work, and attention to detail.”

“Clients and internal stakeholders at Rocketfarm have specifically highlighted your flexibility, quality of work, and attention to detail.”

“They can be described as follows: profound knowledge of systems, good working procedures, and high-quality code.”

Get Laravel developers

Common questions:

Do you follow Agile development methodologies in Laravel development projects?

As a Laravel development outsourcing company,, we recognize the profound significance of Agile methodologies in the sphere of software development. We've seamlessly integrated these systems into our core design principles. In doing so, we are expertly equipped to meet our clients' needs through iterative development, fostering robust team collaboration, and adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Through our unwavering commitment to Agile, we ensure our software solutions are not just innovative, but also resilient, adapting to the fluid needs of our clients and the market. With Netcorp, you're not just choosing a service, you're embracing a partnership that values innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. Choose Netcorp, and together, we'll shape the future of software development.

Can you integrate Laravel with other technologies or frameworks?

Indeed, Laravel's versatility shines when it comes to integration with a wide array of technologies and frameworks. Be it front-end frameworks such as Angular, databases like PostgreSQL, or even complex caching and queuing systems - Laravel interacts seamlessly. Its robust and flexible nature simplifies the process of creating comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, truly making Laravel a stand-out choice in the realm of PHP frameworks.

How do you ensure the security of Laravel applications?

Ensuring the security of Laravel relies on the harmonious interplay of several key approaches. These include implementing the latest Laravel version, CSRF protection, XSS protection, SQL injection prevention, password hashing, and much more. By incorporating these crucial practices into your codebase, you're not just enhancing the security of your Laravel project - you're catapulting it into an entirely new stratosphere of robust, reliable protection. With Laravel, your project's security isn't just an afterthought, it's an integral part of the design.

Which big companies are using Laravel?

Laravel enjoys immense popularity among small to medium-sized companies, thanks to its efficiency and user-friendly design. However, its appeal is not limited to this size bracket - even large corporations are harnessing the power of Laravel. A few notable examples include global organizations such as BBC, Pfizer, and 9GAG, along with established enterprises like TourRadar, Crowdcube, and Cachet. Laravel's appeal crosses industry boundaries, demonstrating its versatile strength as a premier PHP framework.

Is Laravel popular in USA?

Laravel reigns as one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the USA, a position it owes to its trio of strengths. First, its elegant syntax streamlines the coding process, making it a pleasure to work with for developers. Second, its robust features offer immense flexibility, allowing for the creation of sophisticated and highly customized web applications. Finally, Laravel's extensive community support means developers are never alone - help and resources are always just a click away. It's this potent combination that places Laravel at the forefront of PHP development in the USA.

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