The Secret to the Best Workplace in Finland. A podcast with Sami Lappeteläinen from Nitor

May 3, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

Nitor has been selected as the best workplace in Finland many times in its category. In 2019, its CEO, Matti Vilmi, won the Software Entrepreneur of the Year award.

What is the secret of Finland's best workplace? How do you get like that? And why did Nitor miss the race this year? 

The secret to the best workplace in Finland. The guest is Sami Lappeteläinen, Nitor

What is the secret of Nitori, which was awarded the title of best workplace in Finland? Sami Lappeteläinen, Paavo Pauklin's guest, discusses it in the podcast (in Finnish).

Sami Lappeteläinen, Director of People Operations from Nitor, is Paavo Pauklin's guest. Together, they discuss these and other secrets of an excellent workplace.

The conversation opens the hood and dives deeper into what separates the best from the rest.

So, what is the secret of Nitor, a software company that calls itself a digital engineering firm, as a workplace? And what is it like to work in the best workplace in Finland?

What the information technology job market will look like in ten years.

Can an organization function without bosses?

And do developers really need a ping-pong table?

Listen or watch the episode, and you will know what separates the best workplaces from the bad ones.

You can find Nitor here: 

NOTE: The interview was filmed before the COVID-19 epidemic, and the trip to Lapland mentioned in the interview was canceled.


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