How Finago Doubled Its Software Development Capacity with Nearshoring

July 10, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

When Accountor Finago received a large amount of funding, the software development had to be doubled quickly.

Lauri Lehtonen, who came into the CTO role at the age of 28, now had to figure out how and by what process to double the software development capability.

The domestic recruitment situation was challenging due to the good economic situation. Developers were very difficult to recruit, just as they are now.
One option considered was outsourcing software development, and in the end, we decided on Nearshoring, where Finago now has 5 development teams in Poland.

How did you get into nearshoring and how was your partner chosen?

How was outsourcing tested with a proof-of-concept? And what capabilities did Finago need to develop internally to make outsourcing possible and successful in the first place?

How long does it take to launch an outsourcing project to a POC?

How is the cooperation now run? And how are you prepared for potential partner risk?

Watch the podcast episode to learn how Finago succeeded in outsourcing software development.


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