Car Wash Wolt: This Is How Upsteam Is Renewing Car Washing. A Podcast With Jarno Lehtimäki

May 8, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

Update: Just in time for the Corona season, Upsteam is now offering car disinfection and ozonation services.

Not much innovation has been seen in car washing. Today's car washes are familiar from films from 50 years ago. Upsteam, a Finnish company, set out to innovate the industry, making the car wash Wolt, a washing service where the car wash comes to the car, not the car to the car wash.

In the episode, Paavo Pauklin from Netcorp is joined by Upsteam founder Jarno Lehtimäki to discuss Upsteam's business idea and story.

  1. How can Upsteam bring washing to your car and on a bicycle?
  2. Can the car be washed anywhere? Doesn't law and order prohibit it? How did Upstream solve the problem?
  3. What is the role of consumers and business customers?
  4. How did Upsteam raise 1.5 million in crowdfunding?
  5. Where are growth and internationalization going now?

You can find out more about the Upteam service here or by video


Jarno Lehtimäki

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Paavo Pauklin

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