Save millions by Outsourcing from Poland

May 4, 2020
Paavo Pauklin

If you are relying on local software companies to develop business-critical software, you probably receive a huge bill every month. You must wonder, is there a cheaper alternative?

In normal circumstances, businesses that hire local software developers expect them to work on-site. These hires can be three times the cost of salaried developers, so companies want to be sure everyone’s working hard and communications are running smoothly. You can trust them to deliver quality, that’s why you pay the hefty margin.

But these aren’t normal circumstances. Now everyone is working remotely, and for many companies, it’s like learning to walk all over again. Some are taking to it like ducks to water, but others are stumbling.

Communication is patchy, processes have to be redefined, efficiency has taken a hit – and stress is skyrocketing.

It’ll take time for these organizations to get back in their comfort zones.

Until that happens, companies can be paying out high fees, without the quick communication and high efficiency they once took for granted.

Does that make sense?

Replace expensive vendors with nearshore teams

Companies using nearshoring software development before the crisis are now reaping the benefits.

Remote working for nearshoring companies is smooth and efficient, communication and procedures have been tested in battle, and development quality is reassuringly high – especially in Central and Eastern European countries like Estonia, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

With the right cooperation partner, you can pay a fraction of the cost of local vendors, for the same reliability and quality. Maybe even better.

The smart solution – using nearshoring and saving millions

Exploring nearshoring possibilities is one of the best things you can do for your software development budget.

How and when you make the change depends on individual circumstances. You might want to do it gradually, or you might decide to do it all at once.

But if we compare prices for a development team of 7-8 specialists in Poland (for example), a company sourcing from Norway could save 1.2 million euros per annum, a Finnish company around 900,000 euros, and an Estonian company up to 400,000 euros.

And remember, that’s just for one team.

As you can see, this is the only option that allows you to have the needed flexibility and help you save up to 70% on software development costs.

Calculate your savings

If you’re wondering exactly how much you could save on software development projects, we made a tool to help you.

Take a look at our brand-new savings calculator, and start exploring your nearshoring cooperation options.

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