Consultants Versus In-House Developers: A Podcast with Marko Saaresto, Rocket Science

May 23, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

As a consultant or an employee?

When you need a software developer, which is better for your business? What about the employee?

In this episode, we focus on how a consultant developer differs from an employee developer as a resource and a career choice. When should you hire a consultant, and when should you go directly to your staff? How is management different? What about the job from the author's perspective?

Paavo Pauklin's guest to discuss the topic is Marko Saaresto, CEO of Rocket Science. He has experience on both sides of the table, having had a long career as a developer and consultant and now running a consulting firm.

If you are a client company, what can you expect from an employee developer, and what can you not expect from a consultant developer? When should you choose a consultant, and when is direct hiring a more sensible solution? Which option will be more expensive? What is the difference in productivity? What are the risks? Which tasks are better suited to a consultant, and which are better left to in-house staff?

If you are a developer thinking about starting your career or considering your next career change, which path should you choose? Who is better suited to a career as a consultant, and who is better suited to a direct employment relationship? How much more will a consultant ultimately earn, if at all?

Watch the episode to find out.


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