Netcorp x Rally Estonia, the world’s most innovative WRC rally organizer

January 17, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

Rally Estonia and Netcorp started cooperation in 2021 when the world’s most innovative rally organizer was looking for a software development partner who could develop a very important application for them in a relatively short time.

2021 – Organizer app

Does organizing a rally seem like an easy task?

No, organizing a rally requires a very well-organized team, well-developed processes, and communication, as well as important information about what is happening on rally territory.

The rally organizers wanted an application that would give them a geo-positional view of where the support staff involved in the rally’s special stages, such as security guards, medics, and other technical staff, are currently located.

The organizer needs to know whether the staff in the different parts of the special stages are firmly in place to ensure the safety of both visitors and rally drivers.

However, if something were to happen, it is also important for the organizer to be able to send the nearest free support staff to the scene. In this way, the response time to any situation is significantly shortened.

It cannot be considered insignificant that through the mobile application, developed by Netcorp, all the support staff could easily find their assigned area through the map functionality in the application.

Hundreds of people are involved in the organization of the rally, and they must be in their area of ​​responsibility at a specific time. Due to a large number of people, it is almost impossible to manage this information in a very large area without a technological solution.

Therefore, we developed a solution that allows each member of the rally staff to easily find the area of ​​their duties on the map, and to signal when they have reached their designated area. The application also alerts the organizer if for some reason these people are not there or leave prematurely.

2021 – Spectator App (Android, iOS)

Everyone who has ever been to a big rally for the first time knows that it is very difficult to understand exactly where to go, where to park, what time the special stages start, etc.

In 2021, the complexity was also added by the fact that due to the requirement of COVID dispersion, spectators could choose between 16 different rally ticket packages. In this way, it was possible to limit the number of spectators of special stages to 1,000 people per special stage.

Therefore, we developed an app from which each rally spectator could get information about which special stages his ticket has access to, where they are located, where you can park, and how much time it takes to drive to them.

2022 – Validation app

For the buyer of a rally ticket, the process seems easy – choose a ticket, pay, and an electronic ticket will arrive on my phone or by e-mail. Later I can exchange it for a wristband and then all I have to do is show it at the gate.

On the “kitchen side”, however, the process is much more complicated. The selection of a decent rally often includes 40-50 tickets with different “rights”, all of which allow slightly different access to different special stages and areas, events, and receptions. Catering is also related to tickets on the VIP wristbands.

All this information must reach the organizer’s system flawlessly in real-time, so that people are guaranteed access to where they have the right to do so, and also to prevent the misuse of tickets.

We created an application that meets the most modern ticket system standards and allows the organizer to flexibly administer everything related to tickets.

On our side, developers from both the Estonian and Polish teams participated in the Rally Estonia project. The functionalities we made were created using the React Native development language and are available on iOS and Android platforms. Rally Estonia’s main software development partner Greaton and Rally Estonia’s design team were very important partners in this process.

What is Rally Estonia like as a customer?

You could say that Rally Estonia is the ideal customer! They are demanding, think outside the box, actively manage their product, and are not afraid of new ideas. At the same time, they trust a competent opinion and can be a very good cooperation partner during the entire product development cycle.

A big bonus is that the entire Rally Estonia team is very, very professional and also very fun and friendly on a human level.

Who is Netcorp?

Netcorp is an Estonian software development company with developers in Estonia and Poland. We make tailor-made software (such as for Rally Estonia) and rent our Polish development teams to our customers for long-term product development.

Companies from Europe, America, and Saudi Arabia have trusted us with their cooperation. The most well-known Estonian companies that cooperate with us are Nortal, Codeborne, Eesti Energia, Messente, Monese, and Bondora. Check out our services on our website.

Photo authors: Timo Anis, Karl Kirs, Jaanus Ree, Joo Creative, Rain Aunapu

Also watch the full-length video, what Urmo Aava thinks about cooperation with Netcorp.

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