What is Remote Work Like from an Employee's Point of View: A Podcast with Roope Koski, UX

May 30, 2024
Paavo Pauklin

Remote work is increasingly used in software projects. Whether it's in-house employees, consultants or nearshoring partner developers joining your own team, remote work is increasing all the time. More and more often, it is not only about occasional remote work, but part of the team or even the whole team may work continuously remotely.

In this episode, Paavo Pauklin interviews experienced UX designer and usability tester Roope Koski, who has been living and serving Finnish customers remotely for 12 years.

Have you thought about what remote work feels like from the perspective of a consultant or an employee? What should the employer or customer consider in order to make remote working as successful as possible?

What are the benefits of working remotely? And what are the disadvantages of teleworking?

Who is it suitable for?

Is an employee or consultant working remotely more productive, or should physical presence be required anyway?
When should face-to-face meetings take place, and when and how can we make everyday life more productive online?
Is 100% teleworking an impossible dream or a reality?

What are the tools and methods of communication that are most effective when part of the team works remotely?

What mistakes are usually made when a remote worker is given tasks by the team or management?And finally, for all those who dream of working remotely: What does Roope's career as a remote consultant really look like? How does he get customers? How does it work? And would a similar lifestyle suit you?


Roope Koski, Usabilitytest

If you need an experienced UX designer and usability tester for your project, you can find contact information on Roope Koski's website. You can also follow him on Twitter.


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