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The Importance of QA in Software Development Outsourcing

September 27, 2023

Bugs, errors, downtime, oh my! 

Software testing is key to discovering flaws, honing UX and elevating product quality. Yet who should you put in charge of QA testing? 

As you cross the finish line on your project, you’ll need testing experts to guarantee your product is in top shape. Software testing outsourcing is an excellent option for companies to get first-rate QA. At the same time, they can forgo the burdens of building an in-house group.

Let’s take a closer look at outsourcing software testing, so you can decide whether it’s right for your business. 

The Importance of QA Outsourcing

(Source: HackerRank)

Software testing is often an afterthought for businesses. In truth, it’s one of the most important stages of your product lifecycle. Just consider that the #1 bug in production is untested code, accounting for 62% of errors. 

Without QA, your product may have bugs that result in downtime or customer complaints. Your company’s reputation is at stake, especially if your product is business-critical.

Why Outsource Software Testing?

Companies are choosing to outsource software testing to achieve the best QA results. In essence, software testing outsourcing involves having QA performed by a third-party provider.

In particular, outsourcing is useful to access the right testing experts. Not only are these professionals in high demand, but they have diverse specializations. Outsourcing can more easily connect you to these experts for on-demand projects. 

Outsourcing software testing is ideal when your in-house resources are spread thin. This is especially true if you require a tight turnaround time for QA. Outsourcing also makes sense if your testing needs are occasional. In this case, it's unlikely that building an in-house team is worth the investment.

The Advantages of QA Outsourcing

QA outsourcing ensures your features are functioning properly and meeting all requirements. The main advantages of software testing outsourcing include the following.

1. Cost Reduction

Setting up a dedicated testing team can be a pricey endeavor. If you want to save costs, you can benefit from outsourcing software testing. 

With outsourcing, you can leverage global talent with elite skills at lower rates. As an on-demand service, you’ll also only pay for the testing time you need. This gives your business extra budget flexibility.

Ultimately, studies suggest that outsourcing can save you up to 25% in testing costs.

2. Efficiency and Speed Boost

Outsourced QA teams are ready-to-go, with all tools, technologies and methodologies in place. This makes it quick and easy to ramp up testing, resulting in a faster time-to-market than in-house QA. 

Given this established set-up, outsourcing software testing is also highly efficient. Teams are already familiar with workflows, expectations and more to streamline their work. 

3. Test Variety

Outsourced testing groups build teams with a variety of niches and specializations. This enables you to get experts who are well-versed in your industry, technology, etc.

These groups also offer full-range testing services. For example, they may handle test design, test data management and more. Often they’re on the frontlines of innovative services as well, such as test automation. They also tend to use latest best practices and techniques for world-class testing.

4. Unbiased Evaluation

By outsourcing software testing, your business will benefit from the outsider perspective. 

Outsourced teams are independent from the product development process. This means they’re better able to give accurate feedback. Specifically, they won’t be influenced by knowledge of project challenges or changes.

Overall, the lack of bias leads to exact feedback, so your product achieves its full potential.

5. Focus on Core Business

Finally, outsourcing software testing allows you to stay focused on your core needs. Instead of fumbling with tasks beyond your expertise, you can hand off testing to experts.

With outsourcing, you’ll get top testing results and free up your internal teams. This way, you can concentrate on your core business and value proposition.  

The Disadvantages of Software Testing Outsourcing

Of course, outsourcing software testing comes with its own challenges. Keep in mind these potential disadvantages, so you can better minimize them. 

1. Quality Management Hardships

Software testing outsourcing relieves your team of the burden of testing. However, it also means you lose control of testing processes. Sometimes this can lead to lower quality standards than you expect.

The best way to reduce quality management hardships is by choosing a top testing group. Leaders in the outsourcing industry are keen to achieve high-caliber and rigorous testing. You should also clarify KPIs and sign an agreement that outlines your standards.

2. Security Concerns

Your business should always be cautious about your data security. Typically, testing requires access to your company’s confidential IP and data.

Be 100% certain that your data is secure through top hosting, data encryption, firewalls and so on. Your provider should also define their own protocols for handling any sensitive data.

3. Time Zone Differences

Software testing outsourcing often involves talent located in other parts of the world. Check that your provider is prepared to align with your logistics and expectations.

No matter where they're located, your provider must seamlessly test and give feedback. (And if you’re not sure where to begin your search, get to know our curated list of top outsourcing destinations!)

4. Difficulty Finding the Right Testing Talent 

Finding highly specialized testing talent can be another bump in the road. Depending on your product parameters, you may be hard-pressed to discover available experts. For example, it may be tough to get specialists to test a rare technology or environment.

Fortunately, outsourcing opens up new doors to connect with testing specialists worldwide. Usually, you’ll have better odds of finding the right tester through outsourcing.

Top Software Testing Outsourcing Models

Now that you know the pros and cons of outsourcing software testing, you'll need to define a strategy. Let’s discuss different outsourcing testing models at your disposal.

Traditional Testing Services

Traditional Testing Services (TTS) are performed by your in-house teams. In this case, you’ll carry out all testing tasks by using in-company staff and resources. 

Though this model allows you to retain control of quality and security, it’s much more expensive. It also may limit your testing expertise to a few areas you can afford long-term. 

Finally, in-house testing may be less efficient. That's because you'll have to create processes and set up environments from scratch.

Specialist Testing Services

Specialist Testing Services (STS) are also known as outsourced testing services. At 28%, QA is one of the most in-demand roles for outsourcing. 

Under this model, all your testing tasks are performed by a third-party expert. (Depending on your needs, this may involve groups or individuals.) These services commonly cover end-to-end testing, including design, implementation, management and feedback cycles.  

As the name suggests, these specialists are known for achieving top-of-the-line testing. Their tests are designed to meet your specific industry, technology and environment requirements. 

Outsourced testing groups also tend to boost time-to-market and cost efficiencies. They're known to have well-equipped teams and utilize best practices. 

Hybrid Testing Options

Though infrequent, hybrid options are ideal when you don’t need a full suite of testing services. Some one-off tests that you might consider outsourcing to a partner include:

  • Testing for a specific performance problem (such as stress, speed, etc.)
  • Handling real user testing (i.e. crowdsourced testing or User Acceptance Testing)
  • Leveraging next-gen testing (such as automation, big data, etc.)

To cover these timely testing tasks, you might use some level of outsourcing. For example, you might offload beta user testing to a provider but keep the rest in-house.

Tips for Outsourcing Software Testing

Ready to kick off software testing projects outsourcing? Before you do, check out our tips for embarking on a QA outsourcing partnership. 

  • Choose the right testing partner. Take your time to find the right QA outsourcing provider. Consider their past experience in your industry and technology. Also examine the team’s location, business alignment and security protocols.
  • Sign a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA). A service agreement is a roadmap for a successful partnership. In it, define all the details that are important to you, such as quality standards, etc.
  • Set clear KPIs before getting started. Clarify your business vision with your partner by determining your project KPIs. This will guarantee you’re on the same page for desired outcomes.
  • Be certain best practices are implemented. The best software testing providers are savvy about best practices and latest trends. For peace of mind, confirm with your experts that all protocols are put in place (including security levels, methodologies, etc.).
  • Bridge outsourced and in-house teams as needed. It’s vital to achieve seamless collaboration to glean key feedback from testing. Connect your teams by emphasizing open communication channels and top project management tools.
  • Get regular reports and evaluate your partner. Stay up to speed with your testing provider by receiving regular progress reports. Through continuous updates, you’ll be able to take the pulse on their work. At the same time, you’ll get a sense of whether you’re satisfied with your partner or need to make a change.

If you’re looking for more guidance on outsourcing, check out our in-depth article here

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Software testing outsourcing is a go-to option for businesses. With it, you can achieve superb QA with a rapid turnover and more affordable rates.

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